1990 124” FXR           

Everything on this bike is brand new, there is 175 break in miles on the bike since the build. The S+S crate motor had 2500 miles on it when it was pulled apart for full show polish (heads and cylinders are polished in-between the fins). While it was apart TR Riser (T-MAN Performance) set it up with his pistons, rings and did the head work (his valves and springs). TR also did the assembly and tuning on the engine. The motor is amazing, it makes 149 torque and 139.6 HP. It’s making 120 ft. lbs. at 3000 rpm and carrying 140 ft. lbs. from 3500 to 5000. This light FXR is a jet.

The trans case is a brand new Delkron case (show polished). This was done so an electronic speedo could be used and it is stronger. All gears, shafts, bearings and forks are brand new late model oem factory, except 1st gear set which is an Andrews’s close ratio. The shift drum is a Baker N1, neutral is at the bottom, all gears up, no false neutral on the 1-2 shift. The main drive gear had the R+D motorsports mod done where a press fit spacer is installed between the two input shaft needle bearing to keep them from moving, a common problem on high HP set ups. An S+S tapered locking inner primary race was used for the same reason. All shift linkage is new.

The Inner Primary is also a new Delkron piece (show polished). This was done because the factory inner primary case is weak. A new compensator, primary chain and shoe were put in.  The compensator was modified for an additional .050” of spring preload, again, a must for high output set ups. Clutch is a full Barnett Scorpion with centrifugal lock up head.

Another FXR issue is collapsing swingarm side walls, where the rear wheel spacers hit such a small in the area of the swingarm making it impossible to keep the rear wheel locked down. The swingarm is very mild steel. I machined hardened plates and welded them to the swingarm. I also made larger diameter spacers. The swingarm is bulletproof now.

All electrical is new. All wiring is custom and new. New Dyna ignition and coil. Headlamp and tail lamp assemblies are new. New 1.7KW starter with new ring and pinion gears. New stator, alternator rotor and regulator/ rectifier. All relays and ignition switch are new. New Dyna shift minder controlling a 4 led shift light integrated into the speedo carrier. All handlebar control switches are new Performance Machine. Grips are PM Renthal.

New Performance Machine Clutch and brake master cylinders. New Baker function formed hydraulic trans side cover. New rear master cylinder. HHI 6 piston front caliper, 4 piston rear. Lyndall Racing 13” ultra-light composite front rotor and 11.5 composite rear rotor.

New Polished 48 Mikuni, Golan petcock and Bassani 2-1 Road Rage header.

Every bearing, bushing, seal, stabilizer link, motor mount, swingarm mount, rubber bushing, nut, bolt and washer is brand new on this bike. Every piece of chrome that is not new was re-plated by the best shop out there. Anything that is black, other than tank, fenders and side covers, is beautiful gloss powder coat.

The front fork tubes and internals are brand new. Rear shocks are new progressives. New rear billet pulley, front pulley (33T) and new rear belt. Tires are Pirelli Night Dragons. Every single piece on the bike has been replaced or made better than new. The bike runs smooth and happy on pump gas.

The bike was entered in the Ray Price Motorsports Expo show (Capitol City Bikefest) and won 1st place in the Big Twin Class.     Contact Wayne Pollack   XR2250@gmail.com​