Land Speed - Street Legal Harley

Hello, I am Wayne Pollack, a machinist, fabricator, designer and racer. I built just about every piece of this bike as well as designing all of the systems and electrical schematics. Design and fabrication took two years. Jay Barker worked with me on the project handling sheet metal, pipes, welding and miscellaneous fabrication.  It set the A/PBF-3001+/4 record at Maxton (still standing) at 161.3 mph. That was on just motor and the motor was set up soft at 140hp. Also, it did not have the fairing on it. It is an FXR frame built by Pro Street Frame Works for this project. The engine is a Jims 120” built by TR Riser (T-Man Performance). 

A 120ci engine was selected so it could run in the 2000cc classes as well as moving up to the 3000cc and 3000+ classes. It can run in the partially streamlined classes or the front fairing can be removed and run in the un-faired classes. Depending on the association there are many classes the bike can run in. At the ECTA it can run in 8 different classes (A/PG-2000/4, A/PF-2000/4, APS/PG-2000/4, APS/PF-2000/4, A/PG-3000/4, A/PF-3000/4, APS/PG-3000/4 and APS/PF-3000/4). It will set a record in every one of those classes. It should run 165 – 170 mph on just motor and 190 – 195 mph on the 50hp shot of nitrous. This is a very aerodynamic bike.

The bike is street legal and titled in my name. After the initial build, 200 street miles were put on it during break in and shakedown. That is all the miles that are on the bike other than a few miles going down the track. The bike has hi-lo headlight, brake and tail light and license plate illumination. There is no speedo or horn. Not a bike I would want to take on a long ride, but perfectly acceptable for a short jaunt to a local watering hole.

Since the complete new motor was done by T-Man performance there is 2 hours of dyno break in. On a dyno known to read low by 8 to 10 horse the bike made 152HP on just motor and 205 on a 50hp shot of nitrous.  On most dynos the bike should post 160hp and 215hp.

There is a complete electrical schematic for the bike. Every wire is color coded and has a wire number on every wire at both ends. The numbers and color codes are on the schematic.

All controls are by hand. The foot pegs were located for best aeros. Shifting is electric up and down, left and right thumb operated. There is a switch to enable shift ignition kill for full throttle clutch-less upshift in race mode. The rear brake is left thumb operated.

The nitrous system has full safeties built in to the design. The nitrous will shut itself off is there is low fuel pressure, if not at wide open throttle and 250 RPM before the ignition rev limiter activates. The nitrous bottles are pressurized by the nitrogen bottles for stable nitrous pressure and a stable nitrous fuel ratio throughout the run. Nitrous ramping is digitally programmable.

Since being built the bike has been entered in two shows. The Rat’s Hole show in Daytona where it won first place in the Street Racer Class and at the Ray Price Motorsports Expo where it won first place in Sport Bike. The bike is full show quality and fully engineered to set records.  The pictures will do that talking.

I have over $85,000 in parts and labor (labor calculated at $40 an hour) invested in this Bike. I’ll take $25,000. The Bike is located in Raleigh, NC.

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